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full collection of toppik hair thinning products


Get the look of fuller, thicker hair with any of these Toppik products. Whether you’re looking for hair thickening products or products to give hair volume, Toppik offers a full line of thinning hair solutions.

  1. Hair Building Fibers
    Hair Building Fibers

    Keratin Hair Fibers give the appearance of thick, full hair.

    Price C$10.00 - C$95.95
  2. Brow Building Fibers Set
    Brow Building Fibers Set

    The same hair fiber technology is used to create thick, full and natural-looking eyebrows.

  3. FiberHold Spray
  4. Hair Fattener
  5. Spray Applicator
    Spray Applicator

    Enables precise application of Hair Fibers into focused areas.

    Price C$23.99
  6. Hairline Optimizer
  7. Hair Fibers Starter Set
    Hair Fibers Starter Set

    All of your Hair Fibers essentials.